I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the ENgineering and TEchnology institute Groningen (ENTEG) under the supervision of prof. dr. ir. Jacquelien Scherpen. The main research direction is to explore new applications of Geometric Desingularization in control systems. These applications may be for model order reduction, control design and stabilization of non-hyperbolic equilibria, among others.

I received my PhD on June 2015 from the group of Dynamical Systems at the University of Groningen. My PhD supervisor is prof. dr. Henk W. Broer. During my PhD I studied the classification of Constrained Differential Equations and the dynamics of $A_k$ slow-fast systems.

  • You can find an electronic copy of my PhD thesis here.
  • A nice photo of my PhD defense can be seen here.
  • My academic tree can be seen here (thanks to Caspar van Heel for this tree)

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